Northern Ohio Outlaws Officers and Directors

Craig & Dixie.jpg
President: Craig Limbach
Horse: Dixie
Craig and his son Jarod enjoy the sport of mounted shooting together. 

Vice President: Bill Hummell
Horse: Dusty

Bill has been with Northern Ohio Outlaws sine 2015. Bill is a Senior Mens Level 2 and loves the group of people he shoots with!


Jessica Soehnlen
Secretary: Jessica Soehnlen
Horse: Okie
Jessica joined the NOO in 2016 when she fell in love with the sport while setting balloons with her Country Crew 4H Club.  She has been riding her whole life and enjoys announcing, singing the National Anthem and loves the shooting family. She says it's a blessing to be around this great group of people!  


Treasurer: Susie Wise 

Susie became a member in 2009 along with her husband John and their daughter Carisa. We enjoy watching all the shooters compete.  John may not always be with us at the shoots but he makes sure Carisa & I have a safe truck & trailer to transport us safely and is in constant contact with one of us to know placings and times. Carisa & I enjoy our mini shooting vacations and visiting with our extended Outlaw family.

Director: Ron Kiko   
Horse: Rio

​Ron and his wife Diane own Kiko Meats, in Minerva Ohio.  Has been an NOO member since 2013, he loves this sport and the loves the people! He just wants to help others learn to enjoy Cowboy Mounted Shooting as much as he and Diane do!

Cole & Cash Congress 2019.jpg
Director: Cole Caster 
Horse: CA$H

Cole became a member of the Northern Ohio Outlaws in 2017 when he discovered the sport of cowboy mounted shooting.


Currently he is a Mens 3 and over the past year he has been named the CMSA Men's Limited World High Point Rifle Champion.


"At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other.  Each is the selfless guardian of the other's very well-being."

Deb Hurlburt.jpeg
Director: Deb Hurlburt
Horse: Marshal Dillon

Deb has been competing in cowboy mounted shooting as a member of the Northern Ohio Outlaws for 5 years. 

She has been riding horses and shooting guns for years and to be able to do both at the same time is a girl's dream come true.

Currently she is a Senior Ladies 4 and is grateful to be able to compete in cowboy mounted shooting with her great partner, Marshal Dillon and enjoy the sport with such a great group of people.




Deb & Cash.jpg
Director: Deb Harris
Deb joined the Outlaws family in 2019. She's a mother of 3 kids who also enjoy shooting. Deb has enjoyed riding and working with horses her entire life. When she's not shooting she enjoys spending time with her kids, cooking and spending time with friends and traveling. 

shan 2020.jpeg
Director: Shan Hough
Horse: Oz

Shan is a Ladies Level 3 and has been a member of the Northern Ohio Outlaws for 7 years. She enjoys sewing shooting outfits for herself and her daughter. Her mother shoots with them as well. 

Carisa 2.jpg
Director: Carisa Wise
Horse: Adrian
Carisa has been a member of the Northern Ohio Outlaws and CMSA since 2009. She was involved in 4-H growing up with experience in various disciplines. Not only has she been a member since 2009, Carisa was also in the club's first new shooter clinic and says its the best way to start the sport. 
Director: Rob Bernhardt
Horse: Hannah
Rob is a men's level 6 from Wooster, Ohio and has been a member of the Outlaws since 2011. He is also a range master and enjoys providing assistance and coaching to lower level shooters and seeing them have success in the sport. Some of Rob's most recent success has been his 2019 wins in the Men's 5 class at The All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio as well as the CMSA Eastern National Championship in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 
rodney pic 2.jpeg
Director: Rodney Massie
Horse: Cowgirl & Gunpowder

Also known as "Flipper", Rodney is a Men's Level 3 and has been a member of the club since it was founded in 2006. Rodney is a range master and also helps with the wranglers at shoots. In addition to shooting Rodney enjoys boating, riding his Harley and driving his team of Percherons.

This club is run by volunteers passionate about CMSA as a sport and the Outlaws as a club! Lots of hard work goes in long before a shoot happens and lots of behind the scenes work! Please take a moment and thank these folks for their countless hours of dedication, or better yet at a shoot offer to lend a hand!