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New Shooter Information 
Clinic - April 20, 2024 at Ruggles Arena

The Northern Ohio Outlaw club is home to over 300 members! Each spring we host a New Shooters Clinic. We strongly recommend all new shooters attend a CMSA certified club clinic before their first competition!

Why should I come to a clinic?
Additional questions about Mounted Shooting

"Why should I attend an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic?"

All new shooters must demonstrate the ability to safely engage a course of fire before they compete.  This includes intermediate or above riding abilities, an understanding of safe gun handling and shooting practices, and an understanding of the rules of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  Attending an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic will take you a long ways towards meeting these requirements and more! 

"What will I learn at an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic?"

Topics covered include: Rules and regulations, penalties, dress code, who and what a Rangemaster is/does, equipment, gun safety, gun requirements, ammunition, gun loading & safely shooting in the saddle.  You will also learn how to navigate a CMSA Course of Fire and basic course management.  You will learn about desensitizing your horse to gunfire, and have the opportunity to expose both you and your horse to gunfire in a controlled environment under the close supervision of experienced Mounted Shooters.  The goal is by the end of the day you will have shot off your horse!


What if my horse has never been around gun fire?

Obviously we can't speak for every horse, but most take to the shooting with the help of other gun broke horses.  We use the herd instinct of the horse to our advantage.  We surround green horses with experienced horses when we first start shooting.  New horses usually look around and realize their buddies are not alarmed with the shooting and quickly settle down.


There are some things to do with your horse before the clinic that will make it more of a success for you both! Please work with your horse and have them neck reining and working off of your leg. While this is not a necessity to participate in a clinic it will assure that you and your horse get the most out of the clinic!

"Ok I'm sold!  How do I get started?"

First thing you should do is fill out our contact form and let us know you would like to attend a New Shooter Clinic!  We will add your name to our list for the next available clinic.

"What should I bring to the clinic?  Do I need to buy a holster and guns?"

Whoa there cowboy!  There will be plenty of guns and holsters for you to use at the clinic.  Just bring yourself, your tack, and your horse.  We do not recommend purchasing your six shooters and rigs (holsters) just yet.  There are many different models of guns and styles of rigs.  It would be a good idea to look at and try several different guns and rigs so you find what might work best for you!  The majority of the Outlaws would be happy to let you try their equipment!  We do recommend you make or purchase some equine earplugs for your horse.  Start using them a few weeks before the clinic date you are attending.  Short periods at first, then gradually lengthen the time you leave them in.  This will help your horse tremendously at the clinic!  Your horse may also benefit from using a tie down.  Be sure to bring one if you have it!


An affiliate of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the Nation. It combines the disciplines of riding and shooting for a fast paced high energy sporting event.

What types of Guns are used in mounted Shooting?

In CMSA you can only use guns with a fixed sight single action revolvers in .45 Colt Caliber. These guns must have been designed prior to 1898, or reproductions thereof. Examples of these guns are Colt Single action army or bisley models, Smith & Wesson Schofeild, Russian or Remington models 1875 & 1890 or their reproductions, and Ruger Vaqueros, Bisleys or Montados.

What type of Ammunition is used?

Burning gun powered is ejected from the revolver and travels approximately 20 feet.  If you are on target the burning embers will penetrate the balloon.

The cartridges fired are called .45 caliber Long Colts. The brass cartridge is loaded with black powder (like that used in the 1800's). This load will break a balloon up to about 15 feet. Live rounds are strictly prohibited at competitions.

All ages, genders, and riding abilities are welcome!

Riders of all ages and abilities can participate in mounted shooting.   Matches are divided into divisions and levels.  Divisions are as follows: Men's, Women's, Senior Men's, Senior Women's and Wranglers. Divisions are separated into levels 1 though 6, level 1 being beginners and level 6 being the masters.  Men's and Women's are ages 12-49 years, Seniors are 50 years and older, Wranglers are 11 years and younger.

To attend or get on the waiting list for a new shooter clinic please email 

Click below to listen to CMSA founder Jim Rogers explain cowboy mounted shooting

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