New Shooter C
linics are normally held in the spring.  We strongly recommend all new shooters attend a clinic before their first competition.

 2017 Clinics

Saturday, April 22, 2017 Clinic- Ruggles Arena
$100 Non-Refundable
Advance Deposit Required

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Note: You now have the option to pay your clinic deposit online!
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"Why should I attend an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic?"

All new shooters must demonstrate the ability to safely engage a course of fire before they compete.  This includes intermediate or above riding abilities, an understanding of safe gun handling and shooting practices, and an understanding of the rules of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  Attending an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic will take you a long ways towards meeting these requirements and more! 

"What will I learn at an Outlaws New Shooter Clinic?"

Topics covered include: Rules and regulations, penalties, dress code, who and what a Rangemaster is/does, equipment, gun safety, gun requirements, ammunition, gun loading, & safely shooting in the saddle.  You will also learn how to navigate a CMSA Course of Fire and basic course management.  You will learn about desensitizing your horse to gunfire, and have the opportunity to expose both you and your horse to gunfire in a controlled environment under the close supervision of experienced Mounted Shooters.  The goal is by the end of the day you will have shot off your horse!

"Ok I'm sold!  How do I get started?"

First thing you should do is fill out our contact form and let us know you would like to attend a New Shooter Clinic!  We will add your name to our list for the next available clinic.

"What should I bring to the clinic?  Do I need to buy a holster and guns?"

Whoa there cowboy!  There will be plenty of guns and holsters for you to use at the clinic.  Just bring yourself, your tack, and your horse.  We do not recomend purchasing your six shooters and rigs (holsters) just yet.  There are many different models of guns and styles of rigs.  It would be a good idea to look at and try several different guns and rigs so you find what might work best for you!  The majority of the Outlaws would be happy to let you try their equipment!  We do recommend you make or purchase some equine earplugs for your horse.  Start using them a few weeks before the clinic date you are attending.  Short periods at first, then gradually lengthen the time you leave them in.  This will help your horse tremendously at the clinic!  Your horse may also benefit from using a tie down.  Be sure to bring one if you have it!

Click HERE for easy to follow instructions on making your own earplugs for your horse!